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NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure solicitation encourages use of FABRIC

Published on January 09, 2020

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The NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*) program invests in coordinated campus-level networking and cyberinfrastructure improvements, innovation, integration, and engineering for science applications and distributed research projects. The most recent solicitation for CC* (NSF 20-507) encourages proposals to include performing experimental deployment, protocol testing, and evaluation using FABRIC.

FABRIC is a NSF-funded nationwide next-generation network testbed comprising novel extensible network elements equipped with compute and storage capabilities located throughout the network, interconnected by high-speed dedicated optical links.

According to the NSF proposal, FABRIC’s programmability combined with high-fidelity measurement capabilities provides a compelling research infrastructure that supports applied network research. Using such a testbed, for example, a researcher could conduct edge-core-cloud evaluations.

Proposals for the CC* solicitation are due January 21, 2020. Reach out to us at info@fabric-testbed.net to discuss the details of our deployment plans and request an LoC.

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