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FABRIC Community Workshop: Insightful Participants Impact FABRIC’s Architecture, Design, and Engagement Strategy

Published on May 22, 2020

Tags: Community Workshop

FABRIC hosted their first workshop on April 15-16. 220 participants attended from 147 institutions across 15 different countries. The agenda included 17 presentations exploring FABRIC’s Software and Measurement Capabilities, FABRIC’s Node Design and Topology, the Science Design Driver early experiments, and lightning talks. Attendees also had the opportunity to discuss FABRIC applications in artificial intelligence, machine learning, handling big data, Internet of Things(IoT)/edge, networking, and security during the breakout sessions.

From the questions and discussion, the FABRIC Leadership Team generated a report outlining take-a-ways and next steps. This report explores:

  • Motivation for the Workshop
  • Participation
  • Overarching Themes
  • Participant Feedback
  • Breakout Sessions: Major Highlights
  • Major Takeaways
  • Future workshop plans
  • Upcoming Roundtables

Download the Community Workshop Report.

In the near-term, the FABRIC team will be incorporating feedback from the workshop into the design documents and releasing them publicly. They will also develop and implement mechanisms for collecting community input on facility security, measurement capabilities, and data policies.

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