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FABRIC: Creating a Testbed of Testbeds at PEARC20

Date: July 31, 2020

Location: Virtual

Event Website: https://pearc20.sched.com/event/cnXi


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Panel Abstract

FABRIC is a nation-wide programmable network that will enable creation of a new, secure, flexible Internet. Running over the ESnet optical backbone with links up to 1 Tbps, it interconnects supercomputer facilities, cloud testbeds, NSF PAWR (wireless) testbeds, commercial clouds, the real Internet and powerful AI-enabled edge nodes at universities and labs. A key contribution will be FABRIC's programmability and Quality of Service (QoS).

Unlike equipment in the current Internet that simply forwards packets, nodes in FABRIC have significant computational capabilities that allow users to run computationally intensive programs throughout the network, applying application-specific routing, processing/transformation, and storing/caching of data in the network. Each node contains large amounts of compute, storage, and specialized devices such as GPUs, FPGAs, and network processors. The ability to design and deploy programs that run at any node in the network as opposed to only at the edge or in the cloud enables a completely new paradigm for developing HPC-related applications that don’t rely solely on large centers.

This panel will provide an introduction to FABRIC. We will then present four example research projects in the areas of Scientific Computing, Distributed Machine/Deep Learning, IoT and Scientific Devices, and Data Analysis and Workflows. Panelists will describe ways to leverage FABRIC's features to significantly enhance their research. Attendees will be encouraged to think outside-the-box and brainstorm ways that FABRIC could be leveraged to advance their own research.

See the panelists' slides are linked below.


  • Panel Introduction (5 minutes)
  • FABRIC Overview (15 minutes)
  • Leveraging FABRIC for Research (10 minutes each)

  • Rethinking HPC Applications (30 minutes)

    • Q&A time with panelists
    • Attendee input (How could your research leverage FABRIC?)

(During the Q&A time we encourage you to share your video and engage in the conversation)

Panel Introduction slides

FABRIC Overview slides

Panelists' Slides

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