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FABRIC Facility Partners Workshop

Date: December 3-4, 2020

Location: The workshop takes place online, invited guests will receive details closer to the event date.

Request An Invitation: https://bit.ly/FPW-Request-Invite

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Event Details

Over the course of two days, December 3-4, 2020, FABRIC will host its second virtual community workshop.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss production details with our partners. We’ll delve into specifics on connectivity and federation, discuss challenges and solutions to early deployment problems, and address initial infrastructure operations. This meeting is targeted to facilities who plan to peer with FABRIC moving forward.

* Please read FABRIC Workshops Code of Conduct before workshop.


Registration is available by invitation only. Haven't received your invite? Request one here.

Pre-Workshop Reading


For a printable version of the agenda, click here.

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