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About FAB

FABRIC Across Borders (FAB) is an extension of the FABRIC testbed connecting the core North America infrastructure to four nodes in Asia, Europe, and South America. By creating the networks needed to move vast amounts of data across oceans and time zones seamlessly and securely, the project enables international collaboration to speed scientific discovery.

Science Applications

FAB is driven by science needs in fields that are pushing the limits of what today’s Internet can support. It offers a testbed to explore ways to handle and share massive amounts of data generated by powerful new scientific instruments around the globe.

FAB is built around use cases led by scientific partners in five areas:

Smart Cities

Sensing and Computing
SAGE • University of Antwerp • University of Bristol


Weather and Climate Prediction
University of Miami • CPTECH Center for Weather Forecast and Climatic Studies, Brazil


High Energy Physics
Large Hadron Collider, CERN • University of Chicago


Astronomy and cosmology
Legacy Survey of Space and Time • Cosmic Microwave Background-Stage 4

Computer Science

Private 5G networks, censorship evasion, network competition and sharing, software-defined networking, P4 programming
University of Tokyo • Clemson University • University of Kentucky • KREONET

International Connections

University of TokyoUniversity of BristolUniversity of AmsterdamCERNNew YorkSeattleSalt Lake CityKansas CityAtlantaLos AngelesDallasStarLightWashingtonFIUHAWI

FAB will connect FABRIC to five global partners:

  • University of TokyoJapan
  • CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear ResearchSwitzerland
  • University of BristolU.K.
  • University of AmsterdamThe Netherlands
  • CPTEC/INPEBrazil

High-speed links will be provided by NSF’s International Research & Education Network Connections:

  • TransPAC (U.S. to Asia)
  • StarLight(U.S. to Europe)
  • Networks for European, American, and African Research (NEAAR) (U.S. to Europe and Africa)
  • AmLight-ExP (U.S. to South America and Africa)

FAB Core Team

FAB is supported by NSF IRNC grants 2029200, 2020260, 2029176, 2029235, and 2029261.

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